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Norcold RV Refrigerator Freezing Everything (too cold in refrigerator)


Is Your Norcold Refrigerator Freezing All of Your Food?

Don't worry, this is a simple fix! This issue can be caused by one of two parts. The most common part is the Thermistor and the other part that could cause this is your Optical Control Board.

Norcold refrigerators have a Thermistor in them which is combination thermostat/ resistor. It connects to your light fixture inside the refrigerator compartment with a 4-prong connector. Turn the temperature setting to somewhere in the middle and disconnect the Thermistor. If the refrigerator starts warming up and maintains a good level of cool, then we know that the Thermistor has failed.

If after you disconnect the Thermistor the refrigerator continues to freeze everything, you will need to replace the Optical Control Board (board in the front of the refrigerator).

Need further assistance?! We will diagnose your refrigerator over the phone or via Email for a flat fee of $40. Save yourself time and money by locating the problem from the comfort of your RV. After we locate the problem we can sell you the faulty part right over the phone! You can schedule your technical support by clicking the link below:

Norcold Technical Support

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